General information

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Founded January, 2007
CEO Jong-Il Yun
COO Dieter Mulzer
Employees 180 (as of January 2019)
Headquarters Kaiserleistraße 8A, 63067 Offenbach, Germany
Business performance
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Leading Client Success through Smart Digital
Transformation within the Hyundai Motor
Group companies in Europe

Established in January, 2007 as the IT service provider of Hyundai and Kia Motors companies in Europe, Hyundai AutoEver Europe provides IT services that support the innovation and the IT competitiveness of its customers in areas like sale and manufacturing system development, implementation and operation. Hyundai AutoEver Europe GmbH(HAEE) has its European Headquarters in Germany and affiliates in Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Evolution and growth through focus
on quality and implementation
of new technologies

Since January 2016 the operations of the International Data Centre located in the European Headquarters in Germany have been certified according to the standard ISO 27001 - Information security management systems. This achievement is the result of our efforts to enhance work efficiency by realizing standardization and integration of information technology. We are continuously implementing quality management strategies and exploring innovative means to create future value for our customers. While growing and increasing our area of services we base our activities on continuous observation and research on the next generation technology and advanced systems.

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Hyundai AutoEver Europe Czech

Hyundai AutoEver Czech (HAECZ) was founded in June 2007 as an organizational unit of Hyundai AutoEver Europe GmbH with its headquarter in Offenbach, Germany. HAECZ provides IT services, from supporting innovation and IT competitiveness consulting to systems development, implementation and operation for sale and manufacture service for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC). Our solutions enable clients to respond more quickly, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, which leads to higher consumer satisfaction. As a trusted business advisor, we focus on our client’s economic health and success.



EU Connected Car System & Operation

Launching Digital Innovation business unit

Kia Homepage(KWCMS) 21 Countries Rollout

Kia Service System (MyService) Implementation


Hyundai AutoEver Europe - 10th Year Anniversary

Europe IDC operation re-certified on ISO 27001

Hyundai UK “Click to Buy” online sales service start


Europe IDC operations certified on ISO 27001

CRM Service - Hyundai Netherlands

ERP Service - Hyundai Netherlands and Hyundai Motor Sport

“Click to Buy” – online sales portal – go live


MyKia Mobile App for Android & IOS - Kia markets in Europe

Go Live of Hyundai AutoEver Europe SharePoint Intranet

Hyundai Motor Technical Development Center server infrastructure

moved to Europe IDC


DCSI go live for all Kia Markets in Europe

GuCC & MyKia Web Go Live

CRM Service - Hyundai Poland, Kia Slovakia

ERP Service - Kia Hungary, Hyundai Motor Sport


New Europe International Data Centre launch

ERP - Kia Ireland, Netherland & HMD

Disaster Recovery (DR) Slovakia

Europe SAP HR