Introducing CSR

CSR activities in the digital transformation era, Hyundai Autoever will play the key role

  Hyundai Autoever, that has been leading customer development through digital innovation,
utilizes cutting-edge ICT such as big data and AI to CSR activities for creating the next- level social value.

We will make better future with CSR activities using new digital technology.

Hyundai Autoever CEO

CSR Vision & Slogan

Make a Better Future

Make a better world with new digital technology

Main Focus

Happy Move - Employee & customer participation

Dream Move - Providing support the youth and disadvantaged

Next Move - CSR fulfillment via utilization of corporate capacity

2018 ~ 2019 (Stabilization stage)

Implement UN SDGs on main business (2019)
Awarded the Disabled First Prize (2018)
Host a contest to develop the disabled helping application (2017)
Execute visit-volunteering activities(2017)
Establish Social contribution vision & strategy(2017)
Open Malawi ICT Information Center(2016)

2015 (Settlement stage)

Execute White hacker nurturing training(2015)
Support Malawi FC (2014)
Support Multi-education study room(2013)
Operate local volunteer corps (2012)
Operate Volunteer point (2011)

2010 (Growing stage)

Add more after-school activity providing school (2010)
Support after-school activity (2009)
Perform Family volunteering activities (2008)

2007 (Development stage)

Perform & Operate MVP (2007)
Organize endeavor volunteer corps(2006)
Introduce the matching grant system (2005)

2004 (Preparation stage)

Sporadic activities

Based on the matching grant system, Hyundai Autoever raises
social contribution fund to encourage employee’s direct/indirect
participation for various CSR activities.

HYUNDAI AutoEver CSR (Matching Grant)

Happy Move
(Employee & family participation)

Employee volunteering

Dream Move
(Handling social issues)

Barrier-free application
development contest

Next Move
(Independence supporting business)

Hands-on educational
experience for smart cars

Next Move
(Job creating business)

White hacker nurturing

Matching Grant System

Hyundai Autoever has been implementing matching grants, a corporate philanthropy program of employees donating money to a nonprofit organization and their companies matching their donation with money, from 2012.

Employee's Yearly Fund Raising

(Unit : 10 thousand KRW)

2012(1,800), 2013(2,000), 2014(2,100), 2015(2,500), 2016(2,600), 2017(2,600), 2018(2,600)