Provide vehicle security solution modules & support tools

- Develop dedicated security solution to block hacking threats & to support tools
- Prevent unauthorized access and illegal update of controller SW through analysis communication.

Encryption Library for Vehicle & password module verification

- Including CGW within vehicle, it is required to apply encryption library according to the application of controller vehicle control solution.
- Develop/Distribute of HSM(Hardware Security Module) operating stack

HSM Software

HSM(Hardware Security Module) software which is security dedicated MCU to prevent hacking in vehicle controller

V2X communication security solution

- Secure the transmitted message from fast moving vehicles in real-time.
- Standardize Vehicle(OBU) and Infrastructure (RSU) communication security module for securing communication security & compatibility

Vehicle Data Monitoring System (VDMS)

- Contribute to vehicle quality enhancement by applying standard vehicle data collecting device at R&D stage
- Develop HMG specialized standard device in replacement of various foreign vehicle data collecting device