White Hat Hacking

Increased vulnerabilities and security incidents, More advanced hacking attacks, Increased legal requirements & regulations
Proactive Vulnerability Analysis & Improvement Smart Car - Connected car (e.g. telematics) - Electric car controller Business System - Business & security impact analysis - Global security inspection(based on standardized methodology) Smart Home - Smart home security (home access control, parking control, wallpad, CCTV, etc.) - Convergence IT (factories, electricity/energy facilities, ITS, logistics. Etc.)

Main Tasks

Security inspection for Hyundai & Kia
smart cars to prevent hacking attacks
targeting connected cars
(infotainment, communication network,
control system, etc.)
Security inspection for smart home
IoT system
Vulnerability analysis of IoT in
electricity and traffic infrastructures
(BEMS, FEMS, ITS, logistics system,
Security inspection for Hyundai Motor
Group’s business systems in Korea and