Smart Grid


Hyundai AutoEver is implementing microgrid for enterprises and cities based on the standardized energy platform.
※ Microgrid : A grouping of small-scale power stations that independently produce, store and consume electric power in a specific region.

Optimized Energy Demand Management
Production → Distribution → Use

Energy Diagnosis and Consulting

- Establishment of optimal energy environment by region or enterprise
- Enhancement of efficiency in energy production, storage and consumption
- Implementation of systems to save more energy
- Inspection of main facilities and implementation of high-efficiency equipment
- Cost reduction through big data analysis

Establishment of Microgrid Infrastructure

- Total Operation Center (TOC) : Management of production, storage and
-  Energy management: Implementation of cloud-based energy management system
- Power generation from new renewable energy (solar power & fuel cells),
  Facilities that enhance power generation efficiency
- Supply and demand management: ESS(Hybrid & integrated with electric power
  system), converged charging stations
- Efficient consumption : Implementation and management of power-saving
  infrastructure for individual consumers

Energy Management System

Cloud-based integrated energy management system to provide tailored energy management environment for each consumer.


TOC (Total Operation Center)

- Integrated control of factories, buildings and houses
- Real-time monitoring
- Detection of and response to abnormal situations
- Management of various raw data


- Status Analysis : production quantity, records and statistics
for each facility & weather variable
- Fee Analysis : Max load, light load and fee by time & supplier
- Objective Management : Baseline calculation and facility
  efficiency/peak/standby power management
- Forecast simulation & analysis of operation schedules from
  multiple aspects
- Energy charge & discharge modeling

New Renewable Energy

Business value analysis of new renewable energy sources, including solar energy and fuel cells. Technical consulting and EPC
(Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services.

Solar Energy

Conversion of solar energy into electricity by solar panels

Business value analysis & designing according to location and scale

Self-operating remote management system

Fuel Cell

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is transformed into hydrogen-rich gas through a reformer and fed to a fuel cell stack with
the oxygen to be converted to electric and thermal energies concurrently.

Installed in urban areas where LNG can be easily supplied. Highly efficient as distributed power source due to
continuous generation regardless of external conditions.

Consulting and system implementation for fuel-cell power generation

Generation Efficiency Improvement

nstallation of SUNUP to maximize generation efficiency by preventing heat loss of solar power generators,
contamination and snow.

Coolant sprayed to solar panels to cool and clean the equipment and to remove snow, all of which prolong the
module’s life-cycle.

Can be installed in both existing and new solar power generators.