Smart Building

Automatic power/facility/lighting control Max energy efficiency (BEMS) Max natural resources utilization
(lighting/ventilation/groundwater/sunlight, etc.)
Smart office Tailored temp/lighting/
noise cancellation
Smart space for cooperation
Automatic employee recognition 3D building mgt Smart evacuation
Smart home Remote control
(mobile device, smart car)
Smart life

Smart Home

More convenient and safer lifestyle by converging ICT with residential environment.

스마트Life(스마트카 연계, 카쉐어링, 헬스케어), 홈 네트워크(조명/가스/난방제어, 실시간검침, 대기전력차단), 원격제어(가전제어, 주차관제/유도, 음성인식), 스마트 보안(CCTV/영상감지, 거주자인증(FIDO), 단지통합보안)


- Remote control for home appliances and HVAC

- Enhanced convenience via parking guide, smart locker system for parcel
  delivery, etc.

- Home access control (Smart Security)

- Home appliances and HVAC controlled from a smart cart

IBS (Intelligent Building System)

Automated system and state of the art ICT for optimal building management to ensure convenient and safe lifestyle.

통합모니터링 building Automation(설비/조명/전력 자동제어, 영상감시, 출입통제, 참입탐지, 주차관제), Telecommunication(전화, 빌딩안내, LAN, 인터콤), Oiffce Automation(A/V, CATV, 전관방송)


- Integrated service for consulting, designing, proposal, construction and maintenance.

- Implementation of optimized system through professional value engineering in each stage.

- Smart integrated platform, facility management, efficient energy consumption, high-speed digital network

Smart Office

Application of ICT to create high-tech office that promotes productivity and employee satisfaction.

온도제어, 조명제어, 소음제어, 출입통제, 회의공간, 워크스테이션


- Temperature, lighting and noise monitoring through IoT sensors & individual control platform for each user

- Entrance control using Smart ID & outstanding security and safety via information protection system

- Conference room reservation system integrated with personal schedules & video conference system that automatically shows the speaker and is
  protected with high-level voice security.

- Cloud-based work station integrated with developer’s work environment.