Mobility Service

단순 이동수단 -> 안전하고 편리한 차량 -> 새로운 서비스를 경험하는 공간

Services Provided


Telematics can be utilized to provide a wide spectrum of services including remote vehicle diagnosis, emergency rescue and convenient information searching based on
car location.

차량(차량 단말기) <-> TMS센터(서비스 시스템, GIS/LBS, 음성인식, 콜센터 연계, 콘텐츠 연계) <-> 채널(사용자웹, 스마트폰, 차량, 콜센터, CP사)


Accident notification,
SOS/emergency rescue
and burglar alarm/tracking

Remote Control

Remote start & location tracking


Integration with repair service,
consumable replacement,
regular inspection report

Vehicle App

Applications and alert
functions specifically designed

Car Sharing Platform

Integrated platform that utilizes the latest mobile, cloud and location tracking technologies to ensure convenient use of car sharing services.


Locates the nearest vehicle
from user’s location


Reasonable rates calculated
based on the amount of
vehicle usage

Authentication & Security

FIDO(biometric authentication)
-based Authentication &
security system to enhance
personal information protection

Driving Management

Tailored services and
vehicle management for users by
collecting driving information

Mobile Appl. Service

Application services
for mobile platforms