ICT R&D for Smart Automobiles

Core ICT for Smart & Connected Automobiles

스마트 & 커넥티드 Car. 절대안전 -> 외부 해킹 대응 -> 차량보안, 외부와 연결 - 모바일, 아파트등과연결 -> V2X 고속통신/보안, 편의제공 -> 정비 등 고객서비스 제공 -> 주행정보수집/분석, 자율주행 -> 차량 성능고도화 -> 인공지능

Services Provided

Vehicle Security

For better response against vehicle hacking, Hyundai AutoEver develops and provides security solutions for vehicles, analyzes vulnerabilities and conducts penetration tests.

해킹위협 대응 차량보안솔루션 <- 차량보안 전문 컨설팅 -> 취약점 분석 및 모의해킹 <- 악의적 차량해킹 위협

Vulnerability analysis & penetration test

Vehicle security assurance via vulnerability analysis
and penetration tests.

Vehicle Security Solution

Blocks unauthorized access & provides
anti-tampering solutions

Expert Vehicle Security Consulting

- Guidelines, tools and solutions for security
enhancement throughout entire vehicle
development process
- Consultation for responding to hacking threats

V2X Communication & Security

Network & security technologies that enable the sharing of vehicle and traffic information with other vehicles or traffic infrastructure while driving.
(North America and Europe are pushing the law requiring mandatory installation of a V2X unit from 2018)

정밀측위 보정서비스 차량 간 고속 익명 인증 주행안전지원 V2I서비스

V2I for driving safety

Accident prevention and convenience via
vehicle-infrastructure communications

Hi-speed & anonymous inter-vehicle

- Anonymous certificates to protect personal
- Message encryption/decryption

Corrections for Precise Positioning

Correction solution to overcome the limitation
of the current positioning technology

Collection of Driving Information & Artificial Intelligence

Driving data analysis & AI development to predict the future and better decision-making.

Driving Data Collector

Collects and sends vehicle information for development, quality inspection,
maintenance and self-driving.

Driving data analysis & AI learning

Development AI model for smart car and embedded application through
driving data analysis and AI learning.