Conversational AI Platform

Provides AI conversational platform that gives appropriate answers by processing human voice/intention/conversation.


- The best voice recognition program in Korea with a
specialized domain

- Provides semi-automatic learning system by evaluating
the result of user voice recognition

- Analyzes the intention and understands human language
by referring to latest statistics

- Provides user UX based chat-bot scenario configuration

- Reduces the investment cost of customer by providing
platform service


- Recognizes Korean and learns list of new words to

- Analyzes/understands domain specialized language

- Provides web based integrated management

- Provides API based communication channel and
external expansion

- Provides consulting for development and technology


- AI Chat-bot : Analyzes the question while chatting with
an user (understand the intention of users, analyze log)
and searches the required information

- In-depth Q&A : Learns the company policy and manual
to answer questions

- Smart Office : Applies voice command function to
business and office

- Voice recognition UI : Recognizes user’s voice to control
various device systems