Big Data Analysis Platform

Provides a platform to analyze data efficiently and offers customized
consulting service to the industry using open source technology.

Big Data Platform


- Provides an environment to collect and manage data
bigger than Terabyte

- Reduces cost when processing big data through and
analyzes service by fully using open source technology

- Provides statistics-related programming language for
analysis modeling


- Collect : Collects various types of data such as
structured data in legacy system and non-structured
data from machine/equipment

- Save : A distributed file system that can be extended
easily by adding nodes when data is increased

- Process : An engine that can quickly process large
volume data that cannot be processed with the
existing RDB

- Analyze : Provides user friendly SQL on Hadoop as
well as an environment for machine learning and
statistical analysis to developers

- Visualize : Visualizes analyzed results according to
business features by combining the most suitable
open source and commercial solution


- Predicts facility breakdown by monitoring motor vibration
sensor, robot’s temperature and current data

- Establishes an environment where real-time data of test
vehicle can be collected by vehicle type and from sensors

- Analyze social media to check the brand reputation
and trend