AI Service Platform

Provides deep learning AI platform for developing/operating efficient AI related businesss model.

Service - Interpretation, Simulation, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Design Portal Support Tool - Service Catalog, Framework, Language Management - Monitoring, Automation, Scheduling Infrastructure - Server, Storage, Network, Database


- Provides training environment that can construct high speed
operation by utilizing Nvidia’s Pascal/Volta/
Turing GPU

- Connects super high speed network between GPUs such
as NVLink, InfiniBand

- Develops latest deep learning framework and provides

- Provides a platform that can offer customized solutions
to fulfill customer needs with multi GPU based cluster

- Provides various security services that can adapt to
open source environment (static/dynamic test)


- Provides AI-integrated development environment
based on high performance GPU, systematic
maintenance and repair

- Provides extendable server/storage/network
environment to respond to change in condition

- Applies storage for data processing/transmitting
security and RBAC within container environment

- Provides consultation in AI-development and
services for supporting education/technology


- Autonomous vehicle : Recognizes lane and surrounding
environment through driving video

- AI Chat-bot : Analyzes questions during conversation
with the user by understanding the intention

- Voice recognition UI : Analyzes voice of user to make an
order to the vehicle and device systems

- Vision based quality inspection : Checks the defect of
product in replacement of manual labor