For convergence and connection, the main keywords of 4th industrial revolution, we are studying digital formation’s core technology,
blockchain, and providing technical support to combine it with various business models.

Cloud Blockchain platform, Blockchain 2.0 Compliance - Authentication & Security - Document authentication/management, Information integrity required area Work efficiency - Smart Contract - Shipping/land transport distribution, Connected car, driver insurance Business innovation - E-Mobility(Car sharing), Parts/Product supply chain management(SCM)


- Provides shared-services and technical support through blockchain platform
- Promotes business innovation by developing various digital business models


Blockchain-based Used Car Management Platform

Enhancing data transparency of used cars
(evaluation/inspection/buy/sell) and public trust

Odometer Fraud Prevention

Preventing odometer tampering by using blockchain technology in vehicle controllers,
thus increasing brand value


Electronic Pledge Management System

Registering and verifying security pledge
based on the original copy of certification

Homepage Forgery & Alteration Detecting System

Preventing unauthorized change of homepage content through homepage monitoring

Automatic PC Log-in
& Compliment Credit Point Service

Confirming identification
before issuing a mobile ID card and allowing to log-in