General information and business performance

General information

General information for Founded, CEO, Capital, Employees, Headquarters provision of information
Founded April, 2000
Capital billion KRW
Employees (As of , . Including employees in overseas subsidiaries)

Business performance

Including overseas sales Domestic sales (Unit: 10 billion KRW)
IT장비를 점검하는 사진

ICT service provider that promotes customer
innovation and competitiveness through
digital technology

Established in 2000 as an IT service provider, Hyundai AutoEver has been evolving tirelessly to meet the changing needs of customers. Focusing on information system development and operation service, we have been playing a pivotal role in customer growth by providing a wide range of services including consulting, engineering, digital marketing and IT convergence. Consisted of 22 offices in Korea and 11 overseas offices, we are continuously growing as a world-class ICT company competing on the global stage with our technical expertise and business insight.

Agile IT support system for digital business

Hyundai AutoEver provides ICT service focusing on the customer value innovation. In line with the latest trends in the ICT industry such as mobile service, IoT, big data, cloud computing, security enhancement, we are actively engaged in providing services that directly increase customer’s productivity and profits. We are also presenting a new vision for business value through convergence of various industries, technologies and services. Proving ourselves on the global stage by successfully delivering various IT projects, we are elevating our customers’ competitiveness and productivity by implementing cutting edge IT environment in a variety of industries and fields

사내에서 대화하는 사진
장비를 점검하는 사진

Growth and development through
future-oriented technology

In 2010, Hyundai AutoEver became the first Korean company to receive CMMI Level 5 for outstanding quality of business performance. By introducing the CMMI methodology, we have been continuously improving our software development process to ensure world-class quality. Moreover, we have also expanded successful overseas ICT projects such as smart factory and environment IT implementation to China, India and Middle East, all of which are attractive markets. We are committed to keep creating innovating business models to lead the global IT industry.