Group Management Philosophy

The management philosophy is the spirit on which
all management activities depend and the reason for hyundai's existence.

In every part of its business–ranging from automobiles and steel to construction and finances–Hyundai Motor Group will strive to
provide products and services that contribute to creating a better future for humanity. Behind these efforts lies Hyundai Motor
Group’s management philosophy of creating a new future through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers.

Key elements of our Management Philosophy - Unlimited Sense of Responsibilty - Realization of Possibilities - Respect for Humanity

Unlimited Sense
of Responsibilty

An unlimited sense of responsibility is the basis for our growth and advancement.

Our responsibility toward the members of the Group as well as partner companies has motivated us to become a stronger
company, and our responsibility for customers’ safety and happiness has led to a passion for better quality. Our sense of
responsibility goes beyond our members and customers tocontribute to society at large. To enrich the lives of all people,
Hyundai Motor Group has gone global on the strength of excellent quality and customer satisfaction, and built an
environment-friendly resource circulating business structure. Our unbounded sense of responsibility will continue to create
infinite value for all.

Realization of

Hyundai Motor Group is not complacent about its achievements.

The risk of failure is no deterrent to our pursuit of new challenges, because we believe in ourselves and have the confidence to
turn possibilities into realities. Hyundai Motor Group has a long history of challenging and achieving the seemingly impossible.
Our entry into the North American automotive market, development of proprietary car engines, construction of the first
private-sector-built integrated steelworks in Korea, the world’s first simultaneous construction of 10 nuclear power generation
units, and development of a high-speed train running at over 300km/h: these are just some of our achievements that carry the
EUdos of being the first, largest or best. Instead of resting on our laurels, we will continue to move forward to create a better

Respect for

What is the ultimate reason for a company’s existence?

Manufacturing safe, convenient vehicles and fast trains, developing cutting-edge technologies, and constructing high-tech
buildings are all meaningless if it is not aimed at improving people’s lives. Hyundai Motor Group aspires to help raise the
quality of life by offering better products and services to more people, at a faster rate. At the same time, Hyundai Motor Group
will stay committed to delivering greater value as well as realizing co-prosperity among the company, people and society to
become a respected global corporate citizen.