CSR Activities

Happy Move : Reflect the demands of various classes & Participation

< Visit Volunteering >

Monthly Social contribution activities with employees

< Employee & Family volunteering >

Social contribution activity with employee & their family in every quarter

Next Move : ICT utilizing Society innovation/Job creating

<IT Study Room >

Improve education environment at Local children center (provide materials/education content)to operate society innovation business

< Nurture Network Expert >

Create job opportunity for the vulnerable by providing support to get certificates (CCNA+CCNP)

Dream Move : Participate in social issue handling/ Provide support for independence

< The disabled helping application development contest >

Participating type of business to provide actual support to improve the life convenience of the disabled

Social Contribution Performance

< Awarded the ‘Disabled First Prize’ >

Hosted and won at the disabled helping contest which is for enhancing life convenience
of the disabled by developing applications.

< Chosen as the top 2 recommended mobile application
by Sookmyung Women’s University’s Web Research Institute >

Output of the 2017 ‘disabled helping application development contest’
※ Angel Browser(subway assistant), SOS Help(emergency call by tapping a single button)

SOS HELP APP 2018 Volunteer Work Hours : 2,060 hours / 2018 Volunteers : 458 / Total Social Contribution Expenditure : 2.7million won (Happy Move : 10%, Next Move : 56%, Dream Move : 34%)


Community chest of Korea, Kidsfuture, Greenlight, Share Sarangbat, Su-seo MH welfare center, Suwon Yeonmoo social welfare center, Goodwill Store. etc