National License Management

Optimized administrative process, Automated statistical analysis and reporting

Service Mgt(Comprehensive information about licenses, Application management) -> License Exam Mgt(Computerized & automated exams, Mobile service for applicants) -> License Mgt(Integrated mgt of license information, Management of new/ renewal/expiration dates) -> Reporting(Advanced statistical analysis, Automated reporting)

Driver’s License Management System

Automated process of driver’s license exam enhances citizens’ convenience and ensures efficient license management.

Computerized Exam

E-exam & automated evaluation
Mobile service for applicants

Automated test

Automated test using GPS, wireless
communications and sensors
Info on entire exam process is kept
a record

Driver’s License Mgt

Fabrication prevention
Comprehensive license info

Stat mgt / Reporting

Statistical analysis by age, location, etc.
Automated reporting

* Example : Implementation of the Driver’s License Management System in Korea